(Some thoughts while walking on the other side of the world)
2015/ Edition 2018

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Inspired by two audiovisual works that approach the subject of cities and identity: Wim Wenders’ “Notebook on cities and clothes” and Chris Marker’s “Sunless”, this series is structured by a sequence of existential interrogations and observations of physics phenomena within a poetic way.

On a time when geographical distances seem to shrink but cultural distances seem to reinforce; when the far away journey becomes popular without it changing the vision of the distant as exotic, a question arises: What is the use of going to the other side of the world ?

In this case the answer was: to walk the city while wondering about the distance from under my feet to the city I came from; to doubt about the immense differences I heard there existed between Colombia and Japan ; to search for the tunnel connecting these two places and finally find it in the sun’s reflection over a pond.

For the questions that emerge on the other side of the world have often the shape of our own reflection, inverted.