Artist Statement

The way three-dimensional space mutates when it is translated to a photographic surface has been one of my main questions about image. I use photography, video and drawing as a means to understand this mutation.
My first approach to these themes consisted in processing my grandmother’s archive photographs. Through simple actions such as cutting, pasting, erasing, folding, drawing over, I wanted to find whatever hides behind people and objects which appear in a photograph. This research resulted in a self-published book and an exhibition ("El segundo piso"), both self-produced in 2008.

I left my native country, Colombia, in 2009. The distance created by this departure drew my attention to the visa restrictions and travel politics. I tried to integrate this fact of mobility control with my questions about space and the image through the project "The Immobile Traveller" (2013-14).

Since then, travelling and going across the geographical spaces have been main issues of my work, so has been the notion of "destiny". Wether through the physical-poetical analysis of what happens when you go "half a world away" ("Some thoughts while walking on the other side of the world, Kyoto - Bogota", 2015), or an historical research about how Afrocolombian hairstyles contained scape maps in times of slavery ("Accidentes geo-graficos", 2016).